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  • Emma Ray

AYA J Unveil Blissful Single 'Be Your Lover'

'Be Your Lover' flaunts a hypnotic swing packed with ebbs and flows, patiently commanding shimmering adornments, before introducing lead singer Angus Field's honeyed vocals and yearning melodies. The track's idiosyncrasies shine and portray an honest drawing from the notion of offering one's whole self to another.

Angus talks about the meaning behind 'Be Your Lover':

"The theme and idea behind the writing of this song is the idea of a person wanting their partner to give all of themselves, let go and love them in a way that they have no boundaries or walls up. The idea of this grew from knowing what it feels like to be on the receiving end of someone who is either reserved or not fully invested in your bond with them. I felt it was a familiar theme that people experience in love and can relate to and that others could take away from."

Pairing with the release is the luminescent accompanying music video – directed and edited by Tristan Solar-Young. Filmed throughout the neighbourhood of drummer Sam Miller, the clip showcases the juxtaposition of sun-setting afternoons and black-cloaked nights, even using elegant freeze scenes to portray the songs' themes.

Angus continues, "a darker grungier feel is portrayed throughout the film clip and the artwork in the hope that it would reinforce the half-baked love storyline throughout it. Of course, as it's a love song, the main goal still is to portray a love story, but as a writer, I think it's interesting to see a love story portrayed in other ways than sunshine and rainbows."

Taking cues from luminaires Hayden James, LANY and RÜFÜS DU SOL, the duo create soaring sun-drenched electronica. Outside of the music realm, Angus is an avid surfer, using it as a form of healing and meditation. Sam is an exercise scientist focusing on the balance that physical health and self-improvement bring to mental health.




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