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  • India Wallis

ATLVS Share Their Dream Rider Alongside New Single 'Shadow Dancer'

Opening with a thought-provoking rhythmic composition amid ominous diminished chords, 'Shadow Dancer' precipitates into a wall of sinister noise, simultaneously navigating a series of unexpected twists and turns. The new offering showcases the deft complexities of ATLVS' ability to inhabit songs and make them breathe; all while concurrently creating a cacophony of chaos.

The band details the deep meaning and narrative behind 'Shadow Dancer':

"This song is about the phenomenon of two kindred souls meeting in this life and the circumstances did not let them be together. Even though they both know deep down that their souls were meant to be together somehow, and therefore yearn for that for the rest of their lives. 'They danced through the shadows but never took the chance'. Now they are 'Just a pair of bleeding hearts' who have to learn how to deal with these feelings for the rest of their lives."


ATLVS Share Their Dream Rider

Over at the ATLVS camp, we have a pretty-varied tastes.Here is each of our individual choices if we could have ANYTHING on the rider each night of tour:

STEVE: Hot basted Nando’s alongside to wash it all down a BIG bottle of Arizona

green iced tea and to finish it all off with a bowl of fresh fruit.

FITZY:A six pack of Bundy rum cans. No better way to ease your thirst. A couple for

your preshow nerves and a couple as a reward for such a face melting show. The

sugarcane champagne truly is mother's milk.

NATHAN:Imagine this - I walk into the green room after getting off stage. There is

Chinese hot pot on one side, Korean BBQ & fried chicken on the other. I sit down at the table in the middle, and they just bring me dish after dish from each side, with rice wine and soju paired with each one. Heaven.

NICK: Redbull before getting on stage to get me pumped and shake off the nerves

before playing, with a nice big plate of Gyoza sitting side stage as I walk off with a few bottles of Soju and Jack Daniels to wash it all down.


The group will also follow up this current release with a mini-EP of the same name, which will feature two additional tracks 'Virus' and 'Forked Tongue' on October 25.




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