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  • Bert Sampson

Are You Sure Brixton Alley?

Brisbane has been producing a plethora (it means a lot) of festival ready bands over the past few years. Think Dune Rats, Violent Soho, Bugs and Concrete Surfers. Now you can add Brixton Alley to the list.

Are You Sure? is an instant classic. The boys have front loaded the track with a sing-a-long chorus and we can already hear the roar of the crowd when they play this on the big stage. With relatable lyrics of misspent youth, drinks and dreams accompanied by driving fuzzed up guitars and a shout-out-loud chorus the song has all of the elements in exactly the right place.

The lyrics are clever, "and sometimes we would fight like Hollyfield and Tyson" as an example are reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys' rhymes. The pre-chorus guitars are straight out of the Violent Soho playbook and they'll fill the gap nicely when those boys go on their extended holiday.

Brixton Alley play Black Bear Lodge this Saturday night in support of SOAP's Face-2-Face single launch. You could do a lot worse on a Saturday night than down a couple of schooners while the boys thrash about on stage. See you up the front.


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