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Angus McColl's Top 5 Lessons From Heartbreak

Angus McColl makes music that taps into the emotion of the sublime. Supremely all-encompassing and passionate to the core, the self-taught musician from Byron lays bare his heart with a multilayered mix of analogue and digital synthesis for hypnotic debut single ‘DEAD’.

Photo by: David Collins

Exploring his experience of heartbreak, the creation of ‘DEAD’ was a cathartic release and necessary stage in healing. With an introduction from his housemate, revered producer, performer and industry veteran Andre Keuneman contacted Angus, wanting to link up and bounce ideas. Inspired by a piano track from Dre, the lyrics shimmered into existence and after 6 months of intense studio sessions, the result is nothing short of magical.

“I wrote a song at about 3 am in my little apartment in Bronte, Sydney. My housemate (Xela the artist) was working with a producer that day. She showed Andre the track. Later on I got a phone call saying he’d like to meet. I remember still being so tired and heartbroken I barely knew which way was up. I met Dre and he had this piano track written called “Sad Billy”, he played it for me and as soon as I heard it, I wrote the song down in my notes “you take your pills in the morning, to numb the pain” and sang it over his loop, that was in the first 5 minutes of meeting Andre. I went into the studio a mess, heart broken, torn apart. I left after 6 months with something to prove, something to show for myself.” Angus McColl.

Angus shares his top 5 lessons from heartbreak with us below!

1. Speak to people you know care about you.

2. Cry.

3. Be determined af on a goal. Can be anything. Fitness, read a book, become a stripper whatever, just get it going.

4. DO something/anything new, (you’ve never done before).Salsa classes. I started climbing after I was down with the blues, my good homies took me and it is now a thing we do and vibe on. We always get a feed after and talk about our feelings, hella!

5. Go surfing. Its fkn therapy. :)

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