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  • Belle Radman

Babe, Wake Up. NECTAR Released Their EP

In late October, the Perth band blessed our eardrums once again, with their debut EP ‘Love in Limbo’.

Photo by: Luke Hackett

The lush 3 track EP was produced by Pond’s very own, Sam Ford at Tone City Recording Studio in Scarborough, Western Australia.

Releasing a number of singles in the past year, NECTAR were featured on a Spotify generated playlist, ‘Indie Arrivals'.

The first song on the EP instantly transports the listener to a world of cold fruit and laying back in an outdoor lounge chair on a hot day. With soft and easy-on-ears drums and a clean guitar riff, ‘Found a New Friend’ is the perfect fit for the first track.

The second track on Love in Limbo, ‘Pipe Dreams’, is a light-hearted track funnelling a hopeful thought of attaining an impossible seeming utopia. On this track the band said, "We aren't always pessimistic we promise, we know this is a dream many of us have and wish for! The themes of the song are really tied together with the cohesive instrumental changing moods from verse to chorus resolving on the point that all you can do is try to be your best self and to 'take care'."

And last, but not least, the final track on this EP does not compare to the rest of the debut. NECTAR has picked up pace a bit and ‘Way Too Soon’ is sure to add a kick to any morning on the train.

The young 4 piece display with this EP just how much their songwriting has evolved since forming, from strength to strength, refining their silky jazz sound and aural personality.

Shining brightly on their debut EP, their love of chilled vibes compiles the perfect playlist for a Sunday afternoon. Combining the band’s storytelling with slow jam melodies, a shared love of music is what has sowed the NECTAR seed.

EP artwork by: Edd Atchison

With this EP, NECTAR have secured their position as Perth's next big act to keep an eye on by gliding effortlessly through shades of psychedelia, neo-soul and indie soundscapes.



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