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Captivating Listeners With New Track, Sir Winston Chats His Top 3 Paris Shows

Sir Winston, the electronic maverick, known for his captivating blend of indie-sleaze and infectious dance beats, is back with a new single, ‘Perfectly Numb.’ The anticipated track serves as the second tantalizing preview of his forthcoming EP, 'Démons à Combattre,' slated for release later this year. Building on the success of his previous single, 'Sex in Paris,' Sir Winston continues to captivate listeners with his unique sonic vision.

We got to chat with Sir Winston about his top 3 shows in the city of love, or shall we say, music.

Photo by: Julia Gabella

“Perfectly numb is a state of self-induced deluded reality. A moment where you’re between worlds, unable to function or react. Alone in a strange but content peace. Beyond all limits – at a point of no immediate return.” Sir Winston

Accompanying ‘Perfectly Numb’ is a music video filmed on the New York subway. Featuring Sir Winston performing with W.A.F.F.L.E crew, a NYC based collective of Litefeet Subway Dancers including Kid The Wiz, Joel Leitch and Lady Slic.

“I traveled to the studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn most days on the subway from Manhattan. The subway is a huge part of living in New York. You see all kinds of craziness and weirdness. I would often see showtime subway dancers performing on the train. The video to Perfectly Numb is an insight into my studio commute.” Sir Winston

Sir Winston's Top 3 Paris Shows

Jack White – L'Olympia – Paris July 20th 2022

"I’ve spent a lot of time living in Paris over the last couple of years. It’s actually a great place for live music and some of the shows that I’ve seen there have been amazing. I’m a huge Jack White fan. He really is now one of the greats: a true genius, a showman, master guitarist and an incredibly prolific artist. L'Olympia is a cool intimate theatre in the heart of Paris and this gig was killer. It was part

theatrical with an awesome stage set, costumes and props. It was super loud and the players with Jack were incredible. His drummer Daru Jones steals the show – a really unique player. It was a special gig that sounded just perfect. It got loose when it needed to but flowed really well. Jack commands the stage like no other and delivers with such conviction and pride. He’s fuckin awesome."

Lady Gaga - Stade de France - Paris July 24 th 2022

"I still think about this concert all the time. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it and how absolutely amazing it was. It really was extraordinary. Paris stadium is massive, and with a hundred thousand adoring fans Lady Gaga slayed hard. The Chromatica Ball tour was a total spectacle – dark and intense and with so much going on. An incredible production with amazing costumes, a massive set,

choreographed routines and special effects. It had a dystopian futuristic feel to it – part avant-garde, part glam rock, part post-disco rave. She moved to a B stage halfway through and performed on piano and the whole crowd was in total awe. Her fans got everything they wanted. I loved it too. I’m a big fan now. She is an amazing human being."

Pearl Jam - Lollapalooza – Paris - July 17 th 2022

"Sweltering heat and smoke from nearby forest fires made this Pearl Jam experience at Lollapalooza Paris even more memorable. I read Eddie Vedder had to cancel some following shows, as this gig took his voice out. I’d seen Pearl jam a couple of weeks earlier at Hyde Park in London but this show in Paris was special. Pearl Jam make you think about things – life, friends, the meaning of it all. There

was a lot of hugging. The French really love Pearl Jam – they sang every word to every song. It rocked hard and it felt so good to be there. I remember thinking: there is nowhere else on earth I’d rather be right now than sweaty as hell and rocking to Pearl Jam in this crazy heat with a hundred thousand Parisians."


Perfectly Numb envelops listeners in an electro-hazy dance-floor soundscape that evokes the spirit of 2010’s indie-sleaze peak, drawing inspiration from acclaimed acts such as LCD Soundsystem & MGMT, with a hint of darker rock elements - à la Nine Inch Nails, and the upbeat drive of classic New Order.

With this release, Sir Winston re-affirms the resurgence of the decade defining bloghaus genre propelling it into the present with a fresh and compelling perspective.

This latest single serves to build anticipation for the release of Sir Winston's debut EP 'Démons à Combattre’. With his infectious energy, hypnotic melodies, and enticing lyrics, this single, like the ones before it, promises to be an electrifying addition to the electronic music landscape.

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