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  • Frankie Simmons

No more Waiting

Perth singer-songwriter Bri Clark is on the rise. Bri has an incredible ability to weave deep stories into her songs. Her new album Waiting openly shares such a vulnerable and personal story of love, heartbreak and recovery. Clark's powerful voice is ultimately the centre-piece of her alt-pop sounds and r&b backed tracks. The pure strength of this inspiring womanIt is so obvious when listening to the album.

Waiting features 11 tracks that fit so perfectly together it’s like chapters of a book. Every single audience member can relate to her lyrics and stories. We have all loved, lost and grown. Clark excellently translates these intense emotions into beautiful listening experiences. The songs take you on a rich journey of falling in love, breaking hearts, crumbling, fighting and growing stronger.

Porcelain hits hard with the lyrics “don’t come too close my ribs might cave in”, displaying the urge to be loved so badly yet knowing you’re so fragile. Waiting is a bold, ambitious album from a promising young artist with uniquely addictive sounds.

The album is available on all platforms on June 17th.



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